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Top 5 Easiest Woodworking Projects to Take on During Lockdown

It’s been months and months of waiting for the lockdown to end and life to be normal once again. The stress of not being able to do things like we normally do, not to mention the monotony of living in the same space and doing the same thing over and over can be exhausting, to say the least. Well, do not be disheartened! All is not lost. The silver lining on this big COVID-19 cloud is that you’ve got plenty of time in your hands!

You’ve got time to reconnect with family, feed your dog, play some games, relax, sleep, and best of all, take on small DIY projects! Trying out new projects not only means that you enjoy learning something new, but it also means that you get to improve your living space. Moreover, small projects could quickly turn into wealth when commercialized. That said, we’re going to look at easy woodworking projects to take on during lockdown times.

For most of this, simple wood workshop tools will be needed. Some of these include sheets of plywood/project panels, timber, circular saw, clamps, PVA glue, pocket screws, brad nails and a nailer, varnish, paint, sandpaper, and others, depending on the particular project you decide to take on. Nevertheless, the said basic tools will complete almost all projects successfully. Here are the top 5 easiest woodworking projects to take on during lockdown:

Cutting Board or Serving Tray

As long as you have a wooden slab or hardwood board, making a DIY cutting board or wooden serving tray is only a few seconds away. For this, you will need the raw material, which is the wood, along with a circular saw to shape the board and tray as you’d like. After cutting the hardwood board, use sandpaper to make the surface smooth. From here, use a paintbrush for varnish to make the piece gorgeous, and on top of it, finish with a food-safe finish.

Handmade wooden cutting board
Gorgeous Cutting board

Whether you want to make a regular meat and vegetable chopping board, cheeseboard, or a thanksgiving serving tray for dinner, with these supplies you are good to go! It is one of the easiest if not the easiest DIY woodwork project of them all. What’s more, is that your kitchen gets to look authentic with the natural feel of wooden kitchenware.

Side Table

Nothing will leave you as fulfilled as making your own furniture will. This is especially the case when you make something you intended to buy from a store, thereby saving and making a higher quality item, that fits your own specifications perfectly. That said, creating a custom side table for your bedroom or living room will be gratifying. It will add a rustic feel to your space, and complement your decor, especially if you choose to keep it simple. Simply cut out a wooden slab and use hairpin legs, painted in any color to complement your living space.

 Wood Side table

Wooden Dresser

You might think that making a dresser is too complex, but after you try making one you’ll realize that it’s actually one of the easiest pieces of furniture to make. As per the desired size, take your measurements then prepare all pieces of lumber and plywood. With screws amongst other tools and an intricate process, your plain white stylish, or rainbow-colored dresser is only a few hours away!

Wall Art

Not everything has to be functional. Sure, having a table, dresser, serving tray, and many other practical pieces would be great, but some pieces are best just to look at. You can make wood signs that say ‘HOME’, or, ‘LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH’, and many other common mantras to live by. You could also paint different pieces of wood and just stick them together. For this, you’ll need a few screws, tape, sandpaper, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, wood stain, wood boards, white paint, transfer paper, and a template.

Storage Cabinet

Consider this a dresser, without the drawers. It is an easy piece to make to store your magazines, decor, and many other items. From a single sheet of plywood, you can make 18 files which is amazing!

Wind Up

The COVID-19 lockdown may be tough for many but with these DIY projects, you can always find something new and cool to craft to pass time, and make your home better!

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